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Meet Kendra Thomas image of Kendra and skydiver

Meet Kendra Thomas of Thomas Law Offices

What gets Kendra Thomas out of bed in the morning? This family law attorney at Thomas Law Offices helps families through stressful processes. They affect everyone involved, whether it be parents or ch...


Meet Kim Millman, Trust and Estate Planning Attorney

Being brought up in a family-owned business taught Kim at an early age how to run a business. But it wasn’t her dream. Law became a second career, and her experience with family tragedy set the ...

Meet Matt Heller of Willner Heller

Meet Matt Heller of Willner Heller

A native of New York, Matt Heller of Willner Heller Private Wealth Management has a totally wicked gift from growing up in the ’80s. Registered Investment Advisor Matt Heller and his partner Ken...

Meet Stephanie Vitacco picture with Husky dog

Meet Stephanie Vitacco of Keller Williams Real Estate

Stephanie Vitacco is a broker who has been in residential real estate for more than 25 years. She has worked her way to the top, LITERALLY! She is the #1 agent out of more than 150,000 Nationwide at K...


Meet David Oberg of Oberg Law Group

Attorney David Oberg lives a full life. Being a retired reserve police officer and his love of fast German sports cars are only a couple stories that make up this transactional attorney. David Oberg o...

Meet Mark Fishman of Actuaries Unlimited on the Echelon Radio Podcast for Echelon Business Development

Meet Mark Fishman of Actuaries Unlimited

Being an actuary and designing pension plans is what Mark Fishman does. But his love of sports and The Beatles makes him one fascinating guy. What does a bobblehead collection, baseball, The Beatles, ...

Meet Randy Miller of RMM Accounting in Echelon Radio Podcast

Meet Randy Miller of RMM Accounting

As an outsourced CFO, Randy Miller brings military-type strategy and tactics to turning businesses around. Coming from a military family, Randy spent much of his childhood surrounded by veterans. Read...

MEET Silva Megerditchian

Meet Silva Megerditchian, Criminal Defense Attorney

Why does she do what she does? Once a radio producer, criminal defense attorney Silva Megerditchian realized that it wasn’t her passion. She always wanted to go to law school. She worked in the ...

Meet Robert Bobby Feldman Echelon Radio Podcast

Meet Robert “Bobby” Feldman of Coast To Canyon Insurance

Bobby Feldman has been in insurance for more than 20 years. He is a specialist in residential fire insurance. He is able to get fire insurance for residents who live in fire zones. He’s used to ...

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