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Meet Kendra Thomas image of Kendra and skydiver

Meet Kendra Thomas of Thomas Law Offices

What gets Kendra Thomas out of bed in the morning? This family law attorney at Thomas Law Offices he...Read More


Social Engineering Reaching New Heights

Here’s a scary local story. Social Engineering: “The use of deception to manipulate individual...Read More


Meet Kim Millman, Trust and Estate Planning Attorney

Being brought up in a family-owned business taught Kim at an early age how to run a business. But it...Read More

Meet Matt Heller of Willner Heller

Meet Matt Heller of Willner Heller

A native of New York, Matt Heller of Willner Heller Private Wealth Management has a totally wicked g...Read More

Meet Stephanie Vitacco picture with Husky dog

Meet Stephanie Vitacco of Keller Williams Real Estate

Stephanie Vitacco is a broker who has been in residential real estate for more than 25 years. She ha...Read More


The SAFE Banking Act For The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is classified as a prohibited substance under the federal Controlled Substances Act. Despit...Read More


Successful Hybrid Leading and Managing

Many of my clients and colleagues are continuing to struggle with decision making around “the return...Read More


Will the Federal Government Put Limits On 1031 Exchanges?

A 1031 Exchange is a tax-advantage option in which a taxpayer can exchange one investment real prope...Read More


Meet David Oberg of Oberg Law Group

Attorney David Oberg lives a full life. Being a retired reserve police officer and his love of fast ...Read More

Meet Mark Fishman of Actuaries Unlimited on the Echelon Radio Podcast for Echelon Business Development

Meet Mark Fishman of Actuaries Unlimited

Being an actuary and designing pension plans is what Mark Fishman does. But his love of sports and T...Read More

Meet Randy Miller of RMM Accounting in Echelon Radio Podcast

Meet Randy Miller of RMM Accounting

As an outsourced CFO, Randy Miller brings military-type strategy and tactics to turning businesses a...Read More

MEET Silva Megerditchian

Meet Silva Megerditchian, Criminal Defense Attorney

Why does she do what she does? Once a radio producer, criminal defense attorney Silva Megerditchian ...Read More

Meet Robert Bobby Feldman Echelon Radio Podcast

Meet Robert “Bobby” Feldman of Coast To Canyon Insurance

Bobby Feldman has been in insurance for more than 20 years. He is a specialist in residential fire i...Read More

Meet Rich Schuette on the Echelon Radio Podcast

Meet Rich Schuette of Avalan Wealth

Rich Schuette is the founder partner of Avalan Wealth LLC in Santa Barbara, California. A Certified ...Read More


What Did You Tell Your Client About a Future Divorce?

As corporate counsel, what have you told your client about buy-sell, shareholder or partnership agre...Read More

legal-custody-issues-Covid-19-Vaccine-for-children child-being-vaccinated

Legal Custody Issues with the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children

There is a rising debate regarding whether or not children should be immunized with the COVID-19 vac...Read More

5-vital-questions-to-ask-an-architect-before-you-hire-them illustration-of-building

5 Vital Questions to Ask an Architect Before You Hire Them

Having practiced for more than 25 years in Los Angeles, I have been asked some amazing questions abo...Read More

the-power-of-echelon-by-davis-blaine-explosion in space image

The Power of Echelon

This network of professionals is a powerful difference maker. The power of Echelon Business Developm...Read More

four-common-mistakes-when-selling-a-business handshake

Four Common Seller Mistakes When Selling a Business

Sellers of businesses are just like everyone else in that they can make mistakes.  In this arti...Read More


When Is It Time to Outsource Accounting for Small Businesses?

Small business owners are no slouches when it comes to wearing many different hats in order to run a...Read More

the-pandemic's-impact-on-parenting father-and-son-in-masks

The Pandemic’s Impact on Parenting

Looking back at 2020, it is truly “20/20.” As we begin to understand the economic and social impact ...Read More

KPI-Key Performance Indicators business-people-pushing-blocks-vs-pushing-sphere

KPIs: Key Performance Indicators

You don’t want to get bogged down in too many. Here are some that you should pay attention to. You h...Read More


Homestead Exemption Increased for California Debtors

It has been more than eleven years, but on September 18, 2020, Governor Newsom approved and adopted ...Read More

confidentiality-agreements-&-selling-a-business top-secret-stamp-on-background

Confidentiality Agreements & Selling A Business

Is a confidentiality agreement really needed when selling a business? When it comes to buying or sel...Read More

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