who are echelon members

Echelon members are top-tiered trusted advisors.

Echelon members are attorneys, accountants, wealth managers, business consultants, financial consultants, insurance professionals, marketing professionals, and bankers.

Each Echelon member has been selected and defined as:

"One who routinely advises personnel, company owners and managers, and individuals/families of significant wealth, stature, or importance on matters such as business, markekting, legal, and finance."

Echelon One (E1) Members are

  • Senior-level professionals or business advisors at a pinnacle of their professional career
  • Professionals or business advisors with a significant track record of success assisting clients
  • Professionals or business advisors with extensive experience in their profession (7-10 years minimum)
  • Persons with advanced degrees, designations, certifications, and/or qualifications
  • Persons who have exceptional character, are trustworthy, and who both liked and respected by their peers
  • Professionals or business advisors who value the power of professional relationships
  • Professionals or business advisors who seek not only to develop business opportunities for themselves but who demonstrate a willingness to refer business to other trusted advisors

A NextGen (NG) Member...

  • Is associate level or partner-track who is in the beginning or mid-way in their career
  • Has a strong desire to contribute to their firm and learn how to attain and maintain clients
  • Has a minimum of 1 year in their profession
  • Is working on, or desires to achieve, independent achievements, accolades, licensures, advanced degrees, and/or certifications
  • Is eager to learn the power of networking and business development in order to further the clientele and stature of their firm
  • Is willing to participate consistently in group activities and organizational educational programs