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Making the most of your Echelon Membership, by Madison Oberg and Taryn Gray-Delahunty

Making the Most of Your Echelon Membership

Madison Oberg and Taryn Gray-Delahunty explain how Echelon is a great space to get to know people, and to build a strong foundation of potential referral sources. Yes, Echelon is a great space to get ...

New California Reporting Requirements for Businesses

In California, there is a new statement of information Successor Liability reporting requirement for businesses. If you went online to file your annual statement of information with the California Sec...

Start at the Exit

Start at the Exit

If you are starting a business, it helps to know what your plan is. But what if you start with your exit in mind? Starting a business always requires a plan. Over the past two years, millions have est...

8 Things Business Owners Should Do in 2022

8 Things Business Owners Should Do in 2022

With a new year upon us, it’s a great time to brush up on operations. Use your time early to take on these 8 things every business owner should do to give their business a leg up this year. Write a Bu...

the-power-of-echelon-by-davis-blaine-explosion in space image

The Power of Echelon

This network of professionals is a powerful difference maker. The power of Echelon Business Development Network for members is obvious, or is it? For many new members or prospects, their only point of...

KPI-Key Performance Indicators business-people-pushing-blocks-vs-pushing-sphere

KPIs: Key Performance Indicators

You don’t want to get bogged down in too many. Here are some that you should pay attention to. You have built your business plan and your financial projections; so how do you measure your progress; wh...

confidentiality-agreements-&-selling-a-business top-secret-stamp-on-background

Confidentiality Agreements & Selling A Business

Is a confidentiality agreement really needed when selling a business? When it comes to buying or selling a business, there is no replacement for a solid confidentiality agreement.  Business broke...

seven-elements-of-a-business-plan man-in-chair-contemplating-plans-on-wall

Seven Elements of a Business Plan

If you are serious about your business, you need to have a written business plan. Not only is your plan an overview of your business; it is also the framework for the detailed actions you will need to...

it's-time-to-exit-and-sell-your-business-are-you-ready hands-holding-money-and-store-front

It’s Time to Exit and Sell Your Business. Are you Ready?

Thinking about whether you are ready to exit and sell your business is an important question. Here are 3 key questions to ask yourself sooner rather than later. Thinking about selling your busine...

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