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Making the most of your Echelon Membership, by Madison Oberg and Taryn Gray-Delahunty

Making the Most of Your Echelon Membership

Madison Oberg and Taryn Gray-Delahunty explain how Echelon is a great space to get to know people, and to build a strong foundation of potential referral sources. Yes, Echelon is a great space to get ...

Avoiding Summertime Injuries by Robert Klein, Personal Injury Attorney

Avoiding Summertime Injuries

Four common summer injuries that land on my desk and how to avoid them Summertime will be here before we know it–and with the warm air and long days come a unique set of safety risks that are importan...

Payments In A New Year: When To report the income

Payments in a New Year: When to Report the Income?

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Why did I get a 1099 for monies I received in a following year? You did the work late in the year. You expect to get a check in that year, but actually receive the check just after th...

Child Pedestrian Safety

Child Pedestrian Safety

5 Tips to Help Keep your Kids Safe When They’re Out Without You Here are five tips to help keep your kids safe should walking to school or walking without you be a part of their daily routine—wh...

Beware of New Requirements for California Transfer Upon Death Deeds in 2022

In 2016, California enacted legislation creating a way for individuals to avoid probate with the creation of a trust. To create such a probate free transfer, an individual could execute, have notarize...

New California Reporting Requirements for Businesses

In California, there is a new statement of information Successor Liability reporting requirement for businesses. If you went online to file your annual statement of information with the California Sec...

Wait A Minute—Is This 1099 Right? by Gary Weiss

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Is this 1099 Right?

Why you might get a 1099 for monies you received in a following year. The Issue As a CPA I come across this situation all the time. I have clients who will mail checks to pay their vendors on December...

1031 Exchanges: People don't plan to fail

1031 Exchanges: People Don’t Plan to Fail

With the majority of investment 1031 Exchanges failing every year, the primary reason tends to be lack of planning. For more than 25 years, I’ve worked on countless commercial 1031 Exchanges nationall...

Start at the Exit

Start at the Exit

If you are starting a business, it helps to know what your plan is. But what if you start with your exit in mind? Starting a business always requires a plan. Over the past two years, millions have est...

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