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What Did You Tell Your Client About a Future Divorce?

As corporate counsel, what have you told your client about buy-sell, shareholder or partnership agreements? As corporate counsel, you may have assured your client that in the event of a divorce, the m...

legal-custody-issues-Covid-19-Vaccine-for-children child-being-vaccinated

Legal Custody Issues with the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children

There is a rising debate regarding whether or not children should be immunized with the COVID-19 vaccine and the possible resulting school choice. In family law, this translates to disputes over legal...

5-vital-questions-to-ask-an-architect-before-you-hire-them illustration-of-building

5 Vital Questions to Ask an Architect Before You Hire Them

Having practiced for more than 25 years in Los Angeles, I have been asked some amazing questions about the design and construction process. If you are considering a home renovation or building a new h...

the-power-of-echelon-by-davis-blaine-explosion in space image

The Power of Echelon

This network of professionals is a powerful difference maker. The power of Echelon Business Development Network for members is obvious, or is it? For many new members or prospects, their only point of...

four-common-mistakes-when-selling-a-business handshake

Four Common Seller Mistakes When Selling a Business

Sellers of businesses are just like everyone else in that they can make mistakes.  In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common mistakes that we see along with some of the repercussions...


When Is It Time to Outsource Accounting for Small Businesses?

Small business owners are no slouches when it comes to wearing many different hats in order to run a successful business. While they may dream of solving problems by delivering a much-needed product o...

the-pandemic's-impact-on-parenting father-and-son-in-masks

The Pandemic’s Impact on Parenting

Looking back at 2020, it is truly “20/20.” As we begin to understand the economic and social impact of the past year, we can now see some of the impact the pandemic is having on families.  Since ...

KPI-Key Performance Indicators business-people-pushing-blocks-vs-pushing-sphere

KPIs: Key Performance Indicators

You don’t want to get bogged down in too many. Here are some that you should pay attention to. You have built your business plan and your financial projections; so how do you measure your progress; wh...


Homestead Exemption Increased for California Debtors

It has been more than eleven years, but on September 18, 2020, Governor Newsom approved and adopted Assembly Bill 1885 (“AB 1885”), which dramatically increases the homestead exemption in California t...

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