Avoiding Summertime Injuries

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Avoiding Summertime Injuries by Robert Klein, Personal Injury Attorney

Four common summer injuries that land on my desk and how to avoid them

Summertime will be here before we know it–and with the warm air and long days come a unique set of safety risks that are important to be aware of.

To help you and your family enjoy a full season of outdoor activities and adventure, I thought I’d take a moment to cover some of the most common summer injuries that land on my desk and how to avoid them:

Water Injuries

No matter how accomplished of a swimmer you or your loved ones claim to be, there is always risk associated with water activities. Make sure to take precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe in pools and lakes. Ask any guest to your pool what their level of swimming skills they have. Never leave anyone alone in the pool.

Bicycle Wrecks

Bicycle injuries and deaths peak in the summer months, affecting males more than females. Road riding, mountain biking and gravel riding all have risks, no matter what skill level the rider has. Taking the time to walk yourself through a checklist to help prevent wrecks will go a long way toward making your ride more enjoyable and injury free. 

Heat Stroke

Heat strokes can come on fast and without much warning. Be sure you or your loved ones are drinking lots of water and find some shade intermittently if you are going to be outside in the heat for multiple hours. Keep an eye on any mature adult in the heat as they can be very susceptible to heat stroke. Watch closely for these signs of heat stroke so you can get help as soon as possible. 

Sports Injuries

While many sports are year round these days, most sports related injuries still happen in the summer months. Use protective equipment and be extra careful if you’re at a higher risk for injury. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns about any injury you or a loved one incurs over the summer months (or any month of the year), please don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay safe!

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