Payments In A New Year: When To report the income

Payments in a New Year: When to Report the Income?

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Why did I get a 1099 for monies I received in a following year? You did the work late in the year. You expect to get a check in that year, but actually receive the check just after th...

Wait A Minute—Is This 1099 Right? by Gary Weiss

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Is this 1099 Right?

Why you might get a 1099 for monies you received in a following year. The Issue As a CPA I come across this situation all the time. I have clients who will mail checks to pay their vendors on December...

What do Jellyfish & The IRS have in common? Gary Weiss

What Does the Immortal Jellyfish and the IRS Have in Common?

When the IRS needs to collect an outstanding tax liability, do they ever go away? I had never heard of the Immortal Jellyfish until I saw it on the show, “Blacklist.” Turns out the Immortal Jellyfish ...

2021 Tax Tips: A Look Into the Future

2021 Tax Tips: A Look at the Future

The end of the year always means the possibility of last-minute tax changes, and this year, that’s especially true. Here are some tax tips to help with your 2021 taxes. New legislation may mean ...

Meet Gary Weiss, CPA

Meet Gary Weiss of Gary Weiss CPA

Gary Weiss is a Certified Public Accountant shares his love of tax resolution.    And thank goodness he loves tax resolution when most of us don’t! Gary discusses the challenging relationshi...


Recordkeeping: The Key to Smooth Tax Transactions

Well-organized recordkeeping makes it easier to prepare a tax return and help provide answers if your return is selected for examination or if you receive an IRS notice. OK… here’s the deal. As a tax-...


Will the Federal Government Put Limits On 1031 Exchanges?

A 1031 Exchange is a tax-advantage option in which a taxpayer can exchange one investment real property for another. Taxpayers are able to defer the tax consequence of the sale of the original investm...

Meet Randy Miller of RMM Accounting in Echelon Radio Podcast

Meet Randy Miller of RMM Accounting

As an outsourced CFO, Randy Miller brings military-type strategy and tactics to turning businesses around. Coming from a military family, Randy spent much of his childhood surrounded by veterans. Read...


When Is It Time to Outsource Accounting for Small Businesses?

Small business owners are no slouches when it comes to wearing many different hats in order to run a successful business. While they may dream of solving problems by delivering a much-needed product o...

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