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Beware of New Requirements for California Transfer Upon Death Deeds in 2022

In 2016, California enacted legislation creating a way for individuals to avoid probate with the creation of a trust. To create such a probate free transfer, an individual could execute, have notarize...

New California Reporting Requirements for Businesses

In California, there is a new statement of information Successor Liability reporting requirement for businesses. If you went online to file your annual statement of information with the California Sec...

Wait A Minute—Is This 1099 Right? by Gary Weiss

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Is this 1099 Right?

Why you might get a 1099 for monies you received in a following year. The Issue As a CPA I come across this situation all the time. I have clients who will mail checks to pay their vendors on December...

1031 Exchanges: People don't plan to fail

1031 Exchanges: People Don’t Plan to Fail

With the majority of investment 1031 Exchanges failing every year, the primary reason tends to be lack of planning. For more than 25 years, I’ve worked on countless commercial 1031 Exchanges nationall...

Start at the Exit

Start at the Exit

If you are starting a business, it helps to know what your plan is. But what if you start with your exit in mind? Starting a business always requires a plan. Over the past two years, millions have est...

Should a Business owner take salary? Madison Oberg

Should A Business Owner Take A Salary?

If you own a business in name only, beware of taking a salary. Owning a business in this manner is not sufficient to take a salary! There are many businesses that have owners that are in “name only.” ...

What do Jellyfish & The IRS have in common? Gary Weiss

What Does the Immortal Jellyfish and the IRS Have in Common?

When the IRS needs to collect an outstanding tax liability, do they ever go away? I had never heard of the Immortal Jellyfish until I saw it on the show, “Blacklist.” Turns out the Immortal Jellyfish ...

Taking Your Law Firm Digital David Oberg

Taking Your Law Firm Digital

This managing partner shares three benefits of his firm going “paper light.” As managing partner of Oberg Law Group, this is a case of teaching an old dog new tricks—successfully. I needed to take my ...

8 Things Business Owners Should Do in 2022

8 Things Business Owners Should Do in 2022

With a new year upon us, it’s a great time to brush up on operations. Use your time early to take on these 8 things every business owner should do to give their business a leg up this year. Write a Bu...

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