Finding My Think Space

Jerri Hemsworth Finding My Think Space

Now that meeting-in-person is back underway, I didn’t realize how much I missed my car. But why? Because my think space was back!

During the pandemic shutdown, my partner and I found ourselves absolutely exhausted by 3:00 in the afternoon. We were extremely grateful that our business was booming due to digital marketing needs. We had plenty to do and deadlines to meet. Therefore, it would make sense to be tired. But this was profound dragging-by-our-knuckles tired.

I had also realized that Zoom was making our day seem more efficient. We were not driving to and from meetings like we used to. We were not sitting in the glorious Los Angeles traffic several times a week. Doing major happy dances to not having to slug it out on the freeways was a daily occurance. Zoom was a savior! Or was it?

A Major Revelation

Having back-to-back-to-back Zoom meetings had robbed me of much-needed think time. I had lost it and didn’t even know it. Now that meeting-in-person is coming back, I realize that my think time is back.

I never realized how much I did my thinking in my car. According to Maggie Heath and her blog post entitled, “10 Ways You Can Find More Time To Think,” finding “time to think is important for maintaining optimal mental health.” Heath outlines 10 ways to fit thinking into your life. Guess what number 10 is? Go on a drive! Ha! Yep… Go on a drive.

While we were doing our dances around the office, we were neglecting the opportunity to think. Downshift. Plan. Debrief ourselves of the experience we just had. Think new thoughts and ideas. Personally, I mostly drive without the radio or music on because it’s my time to think. My car is my think space. Hmmm…. I missed my think space.

Something Wonderful

I had to drive to two in-person meetings this week. I came up with wonderful new ideas. Plans became clearer. Deadlines became manageable. Thinking became fun again. I was only mildly exhausted at 3:00.

I thought I was doing rather well with the shutdown. Aside from the exhaustion, our lives had not been as heavily impacted as others have been. I now realize a major thing that got overlooked and pushed aside. Like taking breaks in my think space.

As CEO and Creative Director at Newman Grace, Jerri leads one of Los Angeles’ most respected marketing firm and brand communication firms. Newman Grace has been providing marketing, brand and advertising consulting, graphic design, and social media services to growing companies since 1996. Newman Grace serves the professional services, manufacturing, sports, publishing and non-profit markets. Jerri is an adjunct professor in the School of Media, Culture and Design at Woodbury University. She is also a co-founder of Echelon Business Development Network. Learn more about Jerri here at Newman Grace.