4 Tips to Ensure Child Passenger Safety

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Brown teddy bear strapped into the backseat of a car with a seatbelt.

September 17–23 was Child Passenger Safety Week. But it should be every week!

As a personal injury attorney, I wanted to bring your attention to important information regarding children in cars and some tips on how to make sure your smallest passengers stay safe!

First, a few crucial details you should know:

Here are 4 Tips to Ensure Child Passenger Safety

Make Sure You Choose the Appropriate Car Seat for Car Seat Safety

Infants and young children should ride in rear-facing car seats until they reach the manufacturer’s recommended maximum weight or height. When your child outgrows the rear-facing seat, switch to a forward-facing car seat with a harness, then switch to a booster seat until your child is tall enough to fit correctly in a seat belt, which is typically around 4 feet 9 inches tall.
You can get custom guidance provided by NHTSA here.

Install the Car Seat Properly for Car Seat Safety

For accurate installation instructions, refer to both the car seat manual and the owner’s manual for your vehicle. Ensure the car seat is securely installed and does not move more than one inch side-to-side or front-to-back. Place the car seat in the back seat, preferably in the middle. Call the car dealership where you purchased the vehicle if you are experiencing any trouble installing the car seat.

Insist on Seat Belt Safety

Teach your kids the value of fastening their seatbelts each time they enter the car, and lead by example by wearing yours. Please make sure the seat belt fits properly; the shoulder belt should cross the shoulder and chest, not the neck, and the lap belt should rest on the upper thighs rather than the stomach.

Complete Regular Car Seat Checks

Take advantage of free car seat inspections by a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician to ensure your child’s seat is correctly installed.

By following these guidelines and staying informed, we can work together, this week and always, to significantly reduce risk and protect the most vulnerable in our community. If you have any questions about child passenger safety, car seat safety or any other legal matters, I’m here to do whatever I can to keep your family safe and secure.

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