An enthusiastic personality coupled up with a level up attitude, Tyler Hamilton is making a name for himself in the PEO world at Insperity.

Though his path in PEO started right out of high school, his work ethic began to be cultivated at a very young age through techniques learned through horse cutting. Later in life, he entered the military and found that he had an affinity for connecting with people and from there learned what was needed to help level them up. His conscientious and enthusiastic career paths, led him to Insperity where he works on improving and elevating business of many sizes as a Business performance advisor.

What impact did growing up around horses have for Tyler? What was his path to Insperity? What lessons has he leaned through his life and would like to instill to the next generation? Do you want to know what horse cutting is?

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Announcer 0:00
From Los Angeles. This is the Echelon Radio Network.

Jerri Hemsworth 0:12
This is Jerri Hemsworth. And this is the Echelon Radio Podcast. And I am so tickled is sitting across from me right now is Tyler Hamilton from Insperity. How are ya?

Tyler Hamilton 0:23
I’m doing fantastic, Jerri. Thank you for asking.

Jerri Hemsworth 0:25
Oh, good. So tell me about Insperity. I’ve seen that name and that company out and about a fair amount recently. But I want to know about the company and about what you do with the company.

Tyler Hamilton 0:38
Sure. Thank you for asking. Yeah. Insperity. We were founded in 1986. by Paul Sarvadi. It was him and a small group of two or three people that he on his on his team. And they had tried to do a couple of small businesses, they tried to start a couple small businesses and saw the complexities in the marketplace. And some of the problems they’re facing, they didn’t have a solution for. So they came up with, actually, it was Administaff at the time, a company called Administaff.

Jerri Hemsworth 1:11
Yes, i remember Adminisstaff.

Tyler Hamilton 1:13
Yeah, so it was a small team. Paul Sarvadi actually coined the term co employment, him and his team in the early 90s. And they they birthed Administaff and came up with this new creative solution, which now is the coemployment has turned into the industry of PEO, which is professional employers organization. And so we actually get the privilege of actually referring to our CEO as the godfather of PEO. He started the whole thing.

Jerri Hemsworth 1:51

Tyler Hamilton 1:52

Amazing. And then we became Insperity in 2014.

Okay, and how many is it? Is it not? It’s gotta be national, right?

Yeah, so we’re a $6 billion company as of today. And we are publicly traded, we are growing, looking for that number one spot, but I don’t know that we would ever be the largest in the country by volume. There’s, there’s another company out there that is very, on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But our model is to be an enterprise level, but more white collar, white glove service for white collar type of clients. So that’s really our niche within the space. And then, you know, just continuing to grow and,

Jerri Hemsworth 2:39
And your clients that that you service, do they tend to be in a certain industry or size? That you, you help?

Tyler Hamilton 2:50
Yeah, definitely. So we say we service anyone from five to 5000, up to the enterprise level. I typically work with companies might, you know, to kind of bring that into a more specific number, really 20 to 150, is what I’m looking for. But really, we want to help small to medium sized businesses, give them enterprise level support, giving them fortune 100 benefits, and a very robust, extremely talented and knowledgeable service team to help really make them grow faster, and achieve their business objectives, whatever those may be.

Jerri Hemsworth 3:29

Tyler Hamilton 3:30
And to answer your former question, I apologize. I’m, I’m a business performance advisor. And that’s my role. And there’s, we’re going to have almost over a 1000, business performance advisors maybe by next year or the year after, within the company. So we are rapidly growing over 100 offices throughout the country,

Jerri Hemsworth 3:50
That’s amazing.

Tyler Hamilton 3:50
In all states.

Jerri Hemsworth 3:51
That’s got to be very exciting to be part of a company that’s doing that kind of growth.

Tyler Hamilton 3:56
Very much, very much so. And, you know, I came actually into the industry from commercial insurance, and really wanted to consult and found that some aspects of insurance, I felt like were being commoditized. And I wanted to be really a value and really give the businesses all the resources and tools that they needed to grow and have at my disposal. So that’s really what got me into the PEO space.

Jerri Hemsworth 4:23
Gothcha. Gotcha. There were several years ago, like I want to say 15 plus years ago, we were introduced to a very small PEO client. We were we were doing marketing for them. They were down in the San Diego County. And that was the first time I had ever heard of PEO back in, you know, 15 years ago. I was not in that space at all. And I thought it was actually brilliant. I thought it was a brilliant concept. And it probably about you know, 10 years ago I started hearing more and more about it and And I can see how for small businesses, the employee at that time they call the employee leasing, things like that, but I love it that really wasn’t, you know, a proper term, the co-employment dead on, I think that is really a much better phrase for what Insperity is doing. But I think it’s absolutely brilliant. And that must, how was it when you found Insperity, and you wanted to be part of that team? What was that? What was that adventure like for you? Did they find you? Or did you find them? And learning about everything with them?

Tyler Hamilton 5:40
Yeah, that’s a that’s a great question. And, you know, I much like you, I see immense value in what we do and in the industry, and I feel that not a lot of businesses that actually need the service aren’t even familiar with what it is.

Jerri Hemsworth 5:56
Right. Right.

Tyler Hamilton 5:56
And so I think I really enjoy what we do, and getting to talk with all different types of business owners of all sizes,

Jerri Hemsworth 6:05
because you’re a people person, big time?

Tyler Hamilton 6:07
Yeah, definitely I am.

Jerri Hemsworth 6:08
Yeah. That I didn’t mean to interrupt you. But that I mean, when ever I see you, you are all I mean, you love interacting with people, I’ve watched you, not in a creepy way. I’ve seen you in meetings. But you really get engage with people in the room. And that has to be a love of yours.

Tyler Hamilton 6:33
It is, it is I think it’s always been a passion to help business owners. I didn’t quite know how I was going to do that. How I was going to achieve those objectives. But I’m very happy with the place I’m at. And, you know, to answer your question, it’s been a long path. I’ve been in many different industries and actually started my career right out of high school, went to the military and went into engineering, and defense work in electronic warfare simulation.

Jerri Hemsworth 7:02
oh, boy,

Tyler Hamilton 7:02
Sonar, very intense

Jerri Hemsworth 7:05
Were you Army, Navy?

Tyler Hamilton 7:06
Navy. And then, and then worked for the Air Force as a DOD contractor,

Jerri Hemsworth 7:11

Tyler Hamilton 7:11
at Edwards Air Force Base. And that’s where I did electronic warfare simulation. So really did a 180 in the course of my career, but really always had the fascination with business really, always had a knack for, kind of discussing with people and kind of uncovering some of their maybe pain points without even really realizing I was doing that. And so I think this really was a natural progression for me to end up here. I hope that Insperity is my forever home, I really, really love the culture. And because we in a sense, are an HR company. And so everybody that works at Insperity, are the type of people that volunteer in the community, that would give the shirt off of their back for anyone. And that culture is very infectious, and it spreads and so it spreads within. And then it also spreads to our clients. And so, you know, all of our clients that work with us, they rant and rave about what we can do. So I don’t feel that I’m really selling anything. It’s really just introducing people to a brand new concept that I think really will impact them and make their life better. So it’s it’s really easy. It’s just it’s fun. And it’s really just introducing that concept, educating people and allowing them the grace and the, you know, the leeway to make their own decision.

Jerri Hemsworth 8:39
Love it. I really love it. I want to switch gears a little bit because you mentioned Edwards Air Force Base, which we know is in the high desert, north of Palmdale, and we’re talking how where you were born and raised, where were you born and raised?

Tyler Hamilton 8:56
I was born at actually St. Agnes Hospital in Fresno, California, and spent my youth up in Fresno and Central Valley.

Jerri Hemsworth 9:08
And we were talking about what you learned very shortly after you learn to walk it sounds like what did you learn to do up there?

Tyler Hamilton 9:16
So I was, say born into a horse family horse. Yeah, that that was a passion of both my, my father and my stepmother before I was around. And so I think I was born into that culture and learned to ride horses before I was really jogging and running. I think, you know, after taking a couple steps, I think I got on the back of a horse. And I think that really impacted my life with the, I love big animals and the gentle spirit of the horse.

Jerri Hemsworth 9:23
They are so intelligent.

Tyler Hamilton 9:40
And how powerful they are.

Jerri Hemsworth 9:53
Yes. And you were, you mentioned something listener because we were chatting earlier with Tyler and you brought up 4H and I was a member of 4H but I wasn’t in the horse territory. I was in the sewing and you know craftwork territory and in 4H, but, but you mentioned and listener in case you hear we have a little puppy in with us today. So that’s that’s baby bunny over there. She’s adorable. You mentioned 4H and you and you mentioned riding horses but you learned a very specific type of riding and training with horses. Tell us about that.

Tyler Hamilton 10:39
Yes, yeah, thank you for that that tee up question. I, so I started out riding just around the ranch and learning basic, basic horse, you know horsemanship and maneuvering and things like that. And then through 4-H learn to write English style, Western style,

Jerri Hemsworth 10:58
which are two completely different styles

Tyler Hamilton 11:00
Completely different. Yeah. Yeah, you know, and I wouldn’t recommend any, any young boys to show up when their English pants and English attire to, to a horse show a cutting show across the street, which I had to do. My parents were to cutting show and I was leaving my English event at 4-H and showed up with my English riding pants on and all the cowboys over there said hey, go put your wranglers. Get out of those pants. Yeah.

Jerri Hemsworth 11:25
What are those jodhpurs here?

Tyler Hamilton 11:27
Yeah, so that was fun. Yeah. But, but nonetheless, I learned all the different ins and outs of different styles of writing and to your to your question, learned how to eventually show cutting horses. Yeah. So it’s very advanced writing skill set. And did that up until my youth.

Jerri Hemsworth 11:50
And for anybody that doesn’t know what cutting is, if a listener is watches, or has viewed the show Yellowstone, it’s what they do with the horses in that they feature that quite often. It’s it’s a very elegant and like, like you said, mentioned you mentioned earlier, it’s almost like the horses are dancing, cutting side to side and digging their feet into the into the soil. And it’s a it’s a throwback to the way they used to wrangle cows.

Tyler Hamilton 12:19

Jerri Hemsworth 12:20
and still do.

Tyler Hamilton 12:20
Yeah, yeah. So it’s it has to do with exactly bringing the, bringing the cattle in from pasture. And you know, ultimately, in a cutting show you, you take, you know, a small herd of cows, maybe 15-20 cows, and you separate one from the herd. And then once you get that one in front of you, he just wants to get back to his friends. And once

What are you doing to me here.

once you get them out separated from the rest of the herd, you drop your hand and you’re not allowed to move your reins at all. And the horse is extremely well trained. And all your move, you’re only maneuvering the horse with your spurs, or with very, very subtle hand gestures that if you if you move your hand at all, you get a reining point. And so it’s all about training and the horse does beautiful footwork and it’s really fun.

Jerri Hemsworth 13:08
Wow, I can’t I that was a that says something. I grew up around horses as well, but I’d never experienced that as a kid. And I just think that would just be one of the coolest things as as a young man, you know, growing up and to see and participate in like, I’m in awe.

Tyler Hamilton 13:26
Yeah. So you know that that was a whole lifestyle. You spend a lot of time it’s not something to you know, you think you’re just gonna go out and spend you know, a couple minutes a day or sorry, it’s a whole lifestyle show. You spend hours a day most of your weekends, traveling, you know, all of that goes into it, but it it is such a joy and to get to work with those, you know, giant creatures that are so wonderful. And the I’ve never had some people are scared of horses. I’ve never had a bad experience though. I think you just treat them cautiously.

Jerri Hemsworth 13:59
You’ve never fallen?

Tyler Hamilton 14:00
I when I was when I was very young, I think maybe four I was on the back of a horse and I was so light the horse didn’t know I was there. Oh, he dropped to his knees and was gonna roll.

Jerri Hemsworth 14:11
Oh, yes.

Tyler Hamilton 14:12
And so my parents were like, jump off the horse. So yeah, jump off the horse. I was I was okay. But that was the only incident where i

Jerri Hemsworth 14:19
You’re lucky.

Tyler Hamilton 14:20
Yeah. So ther than that

Jerri Hemsworth 14:21
it was funny because I went to Pepperdine. And at that time Pepperdine had a equestrian as a PE class. So I was able to take equestrian. And we were just out there with with my husband over the weekend. And I said, oh wow look. For anybody who’s driven past Pepperdine at the corner of Malibu Canyon and PCH. There’s sort of like this big park looks like a big grassy hill that leads up to the university. Well, on top of that hill, if you’ve never been up, there are two lakes. You don’t see it from pch or Malibu Canyon, but on top of those Those grassy slopes are two lakes that are filled with reclaimed water. And many times when there’s a fire in Malibu that helicopters will, will pick up water from those lakes and etc. But I was we were walking through the park and I said to my husband, I said, although that’s the lake, where I almost bid it on a horse, he said, Excuse me. And I said, Well, I took a equestrian, we used to ride the horses around these lakes. And the horse slipped, and I was terrified I was going to end up in in this reclaimed water, which was kind of pretty colors at the time. I remember I remember I did not want to go into that water. But yeah, Brian still was like, Do you realize the absurdity of what you just said? That’s another story.

Tyler Hamilton 14:23
I did not know that.

Jerri Hemsworth 15:41
But yeah, I have. I have gotten close a couple times in one time, I did fall off a horse and it is terrifying. So you’re lucky with what you were doing that you didn’t, you didn’t fall? So yeah, as a little kid, I would be like, Oh, I’m not coming back?

Tyler Hamilton 16:05
I think one of the main takeaways from growing up in that lifestyle is as a young kid, I was pretty careless and wanting to just all over the place, very excitable. Lot of energy. Totally different than I am now. That’s a that was a joke on my face. But okay, so no, but I think my parents taught me to be very cautious, right. And so that that really taught me I carried that on on my life. And I think I’m a pretty thoughtful person nowadays. Because of that, and I’m not so careless, like I might have been had I not grown up around horses. So that’s my big takeaway.

Jerri Hemsworth 16:43
Now you have your own little one.

Tyler Hamilton 16:46
Yes, yes.

Jerri Hemsworth 16:47
So knowing what you did, and knowing what it’s like to be a father, with a little girl, would you put her on the back of that horse?

Tyler Hamilton 16:57
I would love to, I would love to put my daughter on the back of a horse and give her that same joy and teach her the discipline and the you know, to be safe. And to be more cautious. You know, I think that’s a good lesson to take and carry through life.

Jerri Hemsworth 17:10
It’s an excellent one. So these days, when you’re not working, and say on a weekend, you’ve got your little one, what’s your favorite thing to do with her?

Tyler Hamilton 17:25
Well, so I live in, actually live in a pretty cool area in Oxnard called The Collections. It’s a outdoor shopping mall. And it’s a pretty neat little micro community, I’ll call it. And so we often will take her for walks right there around the park at multiple parks and playgrounds, right there. And so, it’s really funny because we live in this beautiful little community, and there’s tons of young families there. So we make a lot of friends with other young parents and, and there’s all kinds of events and concerts at the park and fun things like that. So we get to do that. And I try to try to explore nature with her and get to, you know, explore all the beautiful geography that we live in, and the beautiful weather that we get to that we’re blessed with. And so we spend a lot of time outside, outdoors exploring, and just trying to teach her the natural, natural world.

Jerri Hemsworth 18:22
That’s fabulous. So good. And, and you and I were talking about, you found a school for her, a preschool. And what was that experience like? For you to even just be shopping for a school for your child.

Tyler Hamilton 18:40
So you know, as as you and I know, we spoke about this probably six or nine months ago, and funny enough, and I found out that you guys were related to Pepperdine, and you guys had many connections over there, as well as teaching and other things. And I said, Oh my gosh, fantastic. You can help me get my daughter into Pepperdine. You said Okay, great. Uh, she is she is in high school. No, she’s one. And he started laughing. So that’s that’s where I’m at. With with

Jerri Hemsworth 19:10
you’re already thinking that far ahead.

Tyler Hamilton 19:11
Oh, my goodness. Yeah. You know, and I understand how competitive the landscape is

Jerri Hemsworth 19:15
Sixteen years in advance

Tyler Hamilton 19:16
Yeah, so not competitive, you know of a area this is and and, you know, I want to not that I necessarily want her to be involved and try to measure herself against everyone else, because I think you just have to be the best version you can of yourself, but I want to put her on the right track. And it was very important to find the right educational system to get her involved in and I was fortunate enough to have my close family member, my first cousin, be an assistant director at a private the private school in Thousand Oaks

Jerri Hemsworth 19:51

Tyler Hamilton 19:52
and so we’re going to apply in a couple months here and get her get her going for fall for next year. So she’ll be in the three years old class and get her on the path and so, so of course, you know, asking about Pepperdine, I asked her well, what high school does this feed into? She said, Oh, Oaks Christian.

Oh, okay. There you go.

So Okay, so I’m yeah, so you know, I just have to start thinking about making some extra money to start saving for that. So

Jerri Hemsworth 20:22
Things you never thought exactly and I think it’s when you when you become a parent the things you start thinking about that you’re that what what what happened to me I never thought I would be thinking about these things but your your child becomes paramount and what they mean and you want to give them the best foot forward that you can and yeah, it’s overwhelming sometimes.

Tyler Hamilton 20:46
But it used to be about you know, car upgrades or you know what, what can I buy a cool you know, upgrade for my computer or maybe a new TV and now it’s saving for school. Yeah, so ya know, priorities change, but I enjoy it.

Jerri Hemsworth 20:58
And they grow so darn fast. If only we could stop feeding them. Yeah. Tyler, thank you so much for being with me today.

Tyler Hamilton 21:07
Absolutely. Thank you for having me.

Take care

Yeah, you too. Thanks, Jerri.

Announcer 21:22
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