002—Meet Robert “Bobby” Feldman of Coast To Canyon Insurance

Meet Robert Bobby Feldman Echelon Radio Podcast

Bobby Feldman has been in insurance for more than 20 years. He is a specialist in residential fire insurance. He is able to get fire insurance for residents who live in fire zones.

On Residential Fire Insurance and Open House Insurance for Real Estate Pros

He talks about the reality of obtaining residential insurance in California. Coast to Canyon has access to insurance policies that other brokers cannot get. With fire season being year-round in California, his firm works with a lot of different professionals to get the best policies for his clients.

Another specialty of Coast to Canyon is obtaining Open House insurance policies for Real Estate professionals. It protects situations that happen outside of the typical Errors and Omissions coverage.

On Being Outdoors and BBQ

An avid outdoorsman, he conducts his daily calls while walking his community. Many days, he will cover approximately 20 miles. Also passionate about Bar-B-Q, he is famous for having Bob.B.Q “cookouts”.

CLICK HERE for more information about Bobby Feldman.

CLICK HERE for more information about Coast To Canyon.

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Written by Brian Hemsworth
Brian Hemsworth is President and CMO for Newman Grace. He heads up branding and marketing strategy for the firm’s clients. In addition to his work at Newman Grace, Brian has taught more than 50 semesters of marketing and advertising at Pepperdine University and Woodbury University. Brian professional focus and passion is developing brand building strategies for clients. Brian is also a co-founder of Echelon Business Development Network and 2GuyzOnMarketing.com

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