003—Meet Silva Megerditchian, Criminal Defense Attorney

MEET Silva Megerditchian

Why does she do what she does?

Once a radio producer, criminal defense attorney Silva Megerditchian realized that it wasn’t her passion. She always wanted to go to law school. She worked in the district attorney’s office as a law clerk, where she learned she was not a prosecutor. When she graduated law school, she knew criminal defense was her calling.

She worked in the Los Angeles public defender’s office where she loved working on behalf of her clients. She found a passion for uncovering why her clients made the choices they made as well as defending the innocent.

Silva is now the the CEO and President of her own firm, SLM Law. Nearly 50% of her practice is juvenile criminal defense. She recounts one case years ago that made her even more passionate about what she does.

“You’re the first adult who has ever listened to me and the first person who has ever fought for me. I thank you.”

17-year-old client in prison for gang shooting.

Silva never loses site of the pain that some of her clients cause. She knows that everyone has a Constitutional right to fair representation. This is her mission as a criminal defense attorney.

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Listen to Silva’s story here.

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Written by Jerri Hemsworth
As CEO and Creative Director at Newman Grace, Jerri leads one of Los Angeles’ most respected marketing firm and brand communication firms. Newman Grace has been providing marketing, brand and advertising consulting, graphic design, and social media services to growing companies since 1996. Newman Grace serves the professional services, manufacturing, sports, publishing and non-profit markets. Jerri is an adjunct professor in the School of Media, Culture and Design at Woodbury University. She is also a co-founder of Echelon Business Development Network.

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