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In times of uncertainty, business leaders lead image of toy boy leading fleet

In Times of Uncertainty, Business Leaders Lead

We’ve seen it time and again—in times of stress and uncertainty, leaders lead. They take initiative....Read More

Why Are You In Business?

Why Are You In Business?

When you lose momentum and question what you are doing, here are some actions you can take to re-ign...Read More

What To Know About Getting A Tax Return

What To Know About Getting a Tax Refund

The IRS noted in a recent statement that most taxpayers are issued refunds by the IRS in less than t...Read More

Skilled Nursing Facility: Options When Something's Not Right by Jonathan Howell, Esq.

Skilled Nursing Facility: Options When Something’s Not Right

My client didn’t expect that her mother would die at a skilled nursing facility. The doctor said she...Read More

Goodwill when selling a business.

What is Goodwill in Selling a Business?

What does the term “goodwill” mean with regards to buying or selling a business? Usually, the term i...Read More

1099 Form Question

1099 Forms—Which is Which?

Here is a guide to the most common types of 1099 forms.

Is your Website ADA Compliant?

Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

It’s a trick question. Why? Well, unfortunately, there are no Federal laws to tell us what an ADA co...Read More

Avoid the #1 Client Killer

Avoid The #1 Client “Killer”

Having cell phones in meetings can be client killers When clients meet with trusted advisors, they a...Read More

Helping-Clients-Understand-Budgets-and-Forecasts By Jaime Davison

Helping Clients Understand Budgets and Forecasts

Clients probably know the accounting terms “Budget” and “Forecast,” but they may not know the differ...Read More